NWACC Enactus Golf Tournament

NWACC Enactus Golf Tournament

Want to help our team and play some golf with your co-workers? Click on the photo to sign-up for our annual golf tournament.


Everyone in the labor market is looking for ways to sell themselves with the best packaging possible to obtain the highest wages within reason. There are horror stories of Facebook or Twitter posts that costs people their current roles or disable them from being the best candidate. Fortunately, we are in control of the image of ourselves we present to the social media world. Using LinkedIN is one of the best tools to present ourselves professionally in the digital world – but if you are looking for something a bit more “Flashy” than a Prezumé will do the trick!



Enactus Project Partnerships

Enactus Project Partnerships – CLICK ON LINK

Check out the project partnerships available – we need to decide if and which ones we would like to work with. We are also working on an additional partnership with a local company.

Team Meeting

We have a team meeting today at 3:30 at SC 221. Come prepared to learn and begin your legacy with Enactus!

Enactus Partner Summit September 2013, Bentonville AR

Enactus Partner Summit September 2013, Bentonville AR

The Enactus Partner Summit allows Enactus company partners and students to come together for discussion and lunch. This is just one of many opportunities that Enactus students are able to participate in. My table had many great people whom I enjoyed speaking with including:

Ryan Flanagan with Seal Air Corporation
President, Protective Packaging at Sealed Air Corporation
Michael Sevart with BIC
Director of Sales, Walmart/Sam’s Club
Kristin Ciabattari
Project Manager at Wal-Mart
Sharon Orlopp
Global Chief Diversity Officer for Walmart
Terry Oberbroeckling
Vice President Strategic Accounts at Aramark Uniform Services
Doug Viehland
Executive Director at Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
Ashlee Wiechkoske
Associate Shopper Marketing & Activation Manager at Time Inc.

There will be many more networking opportunities this year. Don’t wait to join our team, get involved now so you can take advantage of the power of Enactus.

James Miskimen
NWACC Enactus
Team President

Great communication advice from MindTools!

Not getting a clear signal? Check out the 7 C's of Communication at MindTools.com

Not getting a clear signal? Check out the 7 C’s of Communication at MindTools.com


Proper communication is necessary for our team to function properly and be successful. Check out the communication tips from MindTools The 7C’s of Communication.

Team Meeting Tomorrow!

Team Meeting Tomorrow!

Get started with Enactus at our team meeting tomorrow!

Almost ready…

Hello everyone! We apologize for the delay in the website. We hope to have all the student resources up shortly and then fill in the gaps as we go this semester. This is new for our team and delays have occurred, but we are excited about utilizing this website to enhance our team!

In Progress

This website is in progress. Thank you for your patience.


The @nwaccenactus team hosted our annual golf tournament today and had a blast | @enactus_usa #golf #annualtournament #fundraiser Last stop before we make it home, @enactus_usa headquarters #springfield #roadtrip #nationals #mariokart The @nwaccenactus team is back on the road, going home. We're are not taking the national title with us, but we were a finalist in our league. There were a lot of other great teams, and we gained a lot of knowledge and insight throughout the trip. We are already brainstorming new ideas for our projects, recruiting and looking forward to competition next year! @enactus_usa  #dreambigstartsmall #itscrazyuntilitsnot #weallwin #takingaction Right before our second round presentation, we find out the results this evening @nwaccenactus @enactus_usa #nationals #teamwork We were in league 4 of our first round of competition. Our team is proud to a finalist and move onto the next round of competition !! @nwaccenactus @enactus_usa #nwacc #arkansas #weallwin #nationals #selfie #enactus Opening Ceremony! About to find out how we did in the first round @enactus_usa #nationals #nwacc #weallwin President @jmiskimen and Matt, project leader, getting down at the career fair today @nwaccenactus @enactus_usa #microsoft #dancing Lunch today! #koreanbbq #betterthanarestaruant @nwaccenactus @nwaccenactus @dslaughter25 @jmiskimen Matt and Sandi with this dude #winwithrb @nwaccenactus @enactus_usa #iwanttheipad

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